Who has the Best Blenders? Vitamix vs Blendtec

While Vitamix and Blendtec blenders have a number of similarities, there are manifested differences worth looking at before you make up your mind on which blender to purchase. The following Vitamix vs Blendtec review should help.

The two blenders differ little in terms of price. The Blendtec manufacturer website indicates Classic Total Refurbished Blender model start from around $385 to a high of $650 for the Connoisseur Blendtec model. The Classic Total Blender from Blendtec is perhaps the popular model from them but the price differs depending on the jar chosen. For Vitamix blenders, the price for Refurbished models start from around $329 to a high of $689 for the Vitamix 750 Professional Series.

The Vitamix vs Blendtec review indicates both blenders are louder than the typical kitchen blender but five times powerful. The Blendtec blender after evaluation is a bit louder at the speed of 10, the highest, especially while making something like ice cream. Both are however noisy machines but since blending is a one or two minutes affair, they will not cause a rumpus for long. The Pro Series 750 from Vitamix and Blendtec Designer series models are much tranquil than their precursor.

In terms of power, the standard Vitamix home models use less at 1380 watts/11.5 amps and 2 peak hp motor as compared to 3 peak hp motor, 1560 watts/130 amps for Blendtec blenders. However, the Vitamix newly unveiled 750 models are a bit powerful in contrast with the older models, courtesy of their 2.2 hp motor.

The Speed capacity has Blendtec fashioned with 10 speeds and Revolutions Per Minute at a minimum of 4.080 and a maximum of 28,000 with the blade spinning to a high of 310 mph. The 10 speeds of Vitamix have a high power of Revolutions Per Minute of between 500 and 37,000. The variety of speeds on Vitamix and Blendtec make sure that a person has accomplished the distinct textures required for various ingredients.

Blendtec has a size of around 15 inches in height and weighs six pounds, for the standard model and 21 inches in height and 13 pounds in weight for the standard Vitamix model. The compact Blendtec blend has a size fitting under most cabinets in the kitchen and easier to move around due to its weight. However, Vitamix has newly produced a number of shorter jars to compete with Blendtec’s at 17 inches in terms of height.

Clean up
Any Vitamix vs Blendtec review indicate both are self cleaning where hot water is added with some dish soap and then blended for a couple of seconds and rinsed. The gunk on the blade is removed this way. For stickier blending of bread dough and nut butters, additional scrubbing is needed once the first process of self cleaning is done. The Blendtec blenders are a little easy to clean in such a case, as a result of its twin-prong blunt blade in a square design, using a sponge. Vitamix is a bit complex as a result of 4-prong super sharp blade requiring a lot of care while cleaning.

Durability and warranty
Both blenders are well constructed quality products and usable for years without an issue due to their 15-20 year life expectancy. Nonetheless, Vitamix comes with a full use warranty of 7 years. Blendtec does have a warranty of 7 years but only if the blender has been bought from an authorized dealer or Blendtec direct.